The #1 Pastoral Care Tool for Churches, Schools and Organisations.

A new Pastoral Care system set to forever change the way people are empowered.

Launching Spring 2021

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What is

An innovative assessment and discipleship platform to help people - care for people!

An online platform developed by industry experts from around the world and presented by acclaimed Clinical Psychologist Dr Robi Sonderegger. At a time when mental illness, relationship breakdown, financial stress and behavioural problems are at an all time high, comes a world-first Pastoral-Care initiative designed to help equip and empower Christian leaders to help bring transformation to the communities they serve.

Caring for people has never Been so effective.

No Training Required

Can be ultilized by Christian leaders at any time, anywhere, with anyone - no counselling warranted - no training required!

Innovative Solutions

In a digital age, finally there’s a digital solution - combining video-based discipleship, course materials downloads & hard-copy resources.

Unlimited Assessments

Unlimited access to the assessment App that matches specific participant needs & with educational solutions.

Expanding Program Library

New in-depth programs continually being developed, forming the most comprehensive online Pastoral Care library ever created.

Eliminates Liability

Pastoral Care delivered through discipleship, not counselling - thereby, eliminating the possibility of mal-practice pitfalls & potential litigation.

Affordable for Everyone

Access to world leading pastoral care, discipleship and mentoring programs for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

Comprehensive Assessment App!

Access to Assessments

Unlimited access to truly unique ‘Health check’ assessment that helps distinguish 'life challenges' from 'clinical pathology'.

Program Recommendations

A system that automatically generates referral & program recommendations based on 'unique' Assessment Outcomes.

Evaluation Across Domains

Ability to evaluate before and after functioning levels across a variety of mental, emotional, relational, behavioural & financial domains.

Exclusive online platform for members!

The Best of Science and Scripture

Combining the latest industry research with timeless Biblical wisdom, each discipleship program offers in depth, practical and inspirational teaching designed to motivate, equip and empower participants. All video-based learning is accompanied by downloadable workbooks.

Learn from Leading Experts

Each program has been developed by an international team of Master Practitioners and is presented by acclaimed Clinical Psychologist Dr Robi Sonderegger. Pastoral Care themes include mental, emotional, relational, behavioural, financial and spiritual health.

User-friendly and Totally Convenient

Participants can access pastoral care and discipleship programs anytime (at their own pace), anywhere (at home, church, school or work) on their favourite personal steaming device - either on their own or in small groups.

Community-wide Empowerment

ONE SUBSCRIPTION, and members of your church, school or organisation get access a treasure chest of pastoral care and discipleship programs FOR FREE. A basic subscription offers unlimted use of the assessment App and 1000 program downloads.

Who is for?


Whether large or small, conservative or charismatic, single or multi-campus, is applicable for all Christian denominations who care for people.


Whether for students, parents or Christian school staff, offers a broad array of program themes designed to help leaders lead and families thrive.


Christian organisations (whether corporate, humanitarian or social) can utilise as a Pastoral Care system for staff as well as an outreach for those they serve.

Trusted by leaders around the world.

Over the last few years I have watched this innovative pastoral care platform take shape. This is an exciting day to see how caring for people can progress and go to a whole new level.

Gary and Cathy Clarke

Lead Pastors, Hillsong London, UK

This innovative discipleship platform, can’t come at a more crucial time (after Covid-19). We’ve been waiting for an online platform like this for discipleship and pastoral care.
Pastor How & Pastor Lia

Senior Pastors, Heart of God Church, Singapore

One of the great needs for churches right now is to equip people with high-quality resources; to provide answers for real-life challenges.

Dustan & Sarah Bell

Senior Pastors, Calvary Christian Church, Australia

At long last, a digital platform developed by leading experts to equip churches with life transforming education. This is so urgently needed, we cant wait for its launch.

Jeffrey & Angela Rachmat

Senior Pastors, Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC), Indonesia

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